IV Therapy

IV Therapy Long Beach NYIntravenous, or IV, therapy has become a frequent treatment technique at skilled nursing facilities across the country. IV therapy is sometimes referred to as a drip, since many IV therapy systems employ a drip chamber designed to prevent any air from entering the bloodstream. IV therapy offers numerous benefits, including correcting fluid imbalances and administering medications.

Many patients admitted to a hospital require some form of IV therapy, while some patients may need IV therapy on a long-term basis. As typical patient hospital stays are becoming shorter, IV therapy can be a valuable treatment method that is performed in an extended care facility under the direction of a physician and carried out by skilled nursing staff.

Reasons for IV Therapy

One of the primary uses for IV therapy is to administer medication to treat various conditions.  Another purpose for performing IV therapy is to maintain fluid and nutrient levels in individuals who are unable to drink or eat,  as well as to restore fluid volume in patients with dehydration caused by illness or vomiting.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy is the fastest way of delivering medication and fluids directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy also administers certain drugs that cannot be taken orally because they will be destroyed by gastric juices or are not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

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